A Global Competition Showcasing the Top 15 ASU+GSV Creators

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Kayley Zulla, 2nd place winner, on set for her video.

Community is core to the ASU+GSV Summit. With more than 500 speakers, 15,000 attendees, and 135 countries represented at the 11th annual ASU+GSV Summit, we believe innovation can come from anywhere when we work together to change the world for good. Thus, we launched a global competition inviting our attendees to become ASU+GSV Creators and share their ideas with the world.

The summit is more than the few days we convene annually, it is a movement. This movement is about identifying the top trends in digital learning, brainstorming ways to create…

Looking back at our 2015 predictions for the year 2020 & what global experts at the ASU+GSV Summit say is the future of digital learning.

For the last decade, the ASU+GSV Summit brought together the world’s top founders, investors, educators, innovators, journalists, and policy makers to change the world for good. In 2015, GSV authored a comprehensive white paper, 2020 Vision A History of the Future, about our predictions for the year 2020. None of those predictions included a global pandemic, one that would thrust 1.6B new learners online and displace millions of workers due to COVID-19 within a couple…


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